Canary Islands, Tenerife

Tony Higset, Fanabe Beach Tenerife
Copyright: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Summer is calling and what better way to spend a week away than visiting the Canary Islands which should be on everybody’s bucket list, whether a young or experienced traveller, this holiday destination has it all. From snorkelling & scuba diving to mountainous volcanoes. There will be certainly something for everybody to enjoy whether that be having shrimp and a glass of vino by the beach, shopping, or visiting the zoo. The Islands have a lot to offer.

So where do we start exploring of these seven Canary Islands, let’s start with Tenerife, a warm island both in nature and temperature. A great place to stay are the Royal Palm Apartments, Los Cristianos which are private hosted apartments and you can book via trip advisor. If you are looking for a nice relaxed romantic getaway, this is surely a great apartment, it is located at he top of a small hill therefore the views are fabulous especially when sitting on a balcony at sunrise or sunset. It is a very quiet located close to the beach.

Creator: Diego Delso
Copyright: CC-BY-SA 3.0

There are many bars and restaurants in Los Cristianos and if it is nightlife you are looking for Los America’s is only a ten minute walk via the beach. The monkey zoo is a day excursion which can be booked via trip advisor and if you love monkeys this zoo has a enclosure with which you can literally walk through with the monkeys by your side. There is a local aqua park for the children and a local market which you can take a coach tour from your hotel, the Los Cristianos market offers lots of unique handmade crafts.

Mount Tiede:Nikomanin

If you feel a little more on the adventurous side then why not visit Mount Tiede where you can climb an historic, active volcanoes. The drive up to the top of the volcanoe is most spectacular with far fetching views that surpass expectations, it is not for the faint hearted as the elevation is nearly 4,000 metres high. You can also choose to hike Mount Tiede, the highest peak in Spain but a permit is required of which you can apply at Mount Tiede National Park. Once you arrive at the top of Mount Tiede on the coach tour there are numerous experiments and a fine dining option.

There are boat tours and dolphin excursions which you can purchase by the hour, of which can take place on the catamarans or other smaller boats which will take you out for hours on the sea. Depending on the excursion time some even include a spot of light lunch and if you are lucky you might even spot a great white. If sun, sea, and sangria is what you are hoping for then the Canary Islands are a must.


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