Pet Friendly Hotels

Picture:Britannia Hotels Warwickshire

All of you who love your pooches and never wish to leave your puppies when vacating then look no further there is a chain of hotels that allow you to bring your pet along with you on your UK breaks.

First of all there are numerous benefits to bringing your pet away with you, no pet sitting fees, knowing that your dog is comfortable and having a fun time with you whilst away and of course they’re not missing you therefore more contentment for you pet.

You may have never thought of it before or you may take your pet away with you regularly whether you are a newbie or an accustomed to staying away with your pet you will be glad to know that Britannia Hotels do offer a pet friendly service and with 48 hotels to choose from you will surely be able to find an ideal retreat whether it be a fine country hotel or a beach resort. It will be an easy process for you and your pet however I have listed some pet etiquette guidance below.

Please see the pet friendly procedure for bringing your your pet with you to Britannia Hotels:

There a few notes to make dogs are charged at £10 for first night and £25 for the stay, they are not allowed in the restaurant area and hotels do not provide food for pets. Please see link above for more rules and procedures. You may also want to look at pet etiquette tips online if you have never travelled with a pet before. So what are you waiting for book your pet friendly stay today, please click link below.


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